Pay Your Bill

Electric Service

Steer clear of fallen power lines

Steer clear of fallen power lines. You can't tell by looking at a fallen power line if it's "live" or not. So assume it is live - and get away from it.

Don't touch it. Don't touch anything or anybody else who's touching it. Don't drive your car near it. Don't step in water near it. Just get away - quickly.

Even if a power line is not on the ground, stay away from it. Don't even stand under a power line or under a tree that's near one. Storm damage to tree limbs and power lines isn't always visible, yet they could fall later - when you're not expecting it.

Call Before You Dig

Planning on planting a few trees? Putting an addition on the house?

Before you put a foot to the shovel contact Digger's Hotline, Wisconsin's One-Call Center. Call 811 or (800) 242-8511 at least three working days in advance to make sure no utilities are buried in the area. The call and utility location service is free, and could save you money or, more importantly, keep you from being injured or worse.